InsideTracker x Apple Watch

Connect your Apple Watch to unlock deeper,
more meaningful insights into what matters most to your health


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Better paired together

InsideTracker is now compatible with Apple Watch, giving you an expanded view of your well-being. By integrating Apple’s activity tracking app with your InsideTracker plan, you’ll gain access to more precise insight and customized guidance to help you set—and achieve—your loftiest goals. 

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Analyze exercise data to level up your workouts

Log your workouts through Apple Watch. Your data will sync with InsideTracker and automatically check in to your Action Plan, so you can accurately track the progress toward your health goals.

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Reveal how your resting heart rate impacts your health

Combining your RHR data with your most recent bloodwork provides a deeper level of insight into how your biomarkers are impacting—and being impacted by—your RHR.

When you connect your fitness tracker with the InsideTracker app, you can track your resting heart rate levels and receive science-backed recommendations and ProTips on how to improve them.

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Unlock personalized ProTips for sleep optimization

Track and analyze detailed historical data about your sleep duration. Once connected with InsideTracker, you’ll receive ProTips on actions you can take to improve your sleep, based on the most up-to-date data from your Apple Watch.

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Ready to get started with InsideTracker?

InsideTracker is the only system that unites this level of activity tracking integration together with your blood, DNA, and lifestyle data. The result is a truly holistic view of your wellness that combines your long-term, short-term, and real-time health analysis to reveal your personalized path toward self-optimization. Tap into your full potential.