InsideTracker is proud to be the exclusive blood marker analyst to CompTrain Academy.

Elite athletes must know their bodies inside and out. That’s CompTrain’s philosophy -- and InsideTracker’s, too. Our expertise in blood marker analysis allows CompTrain athletes to understand how their bodies are reacting to their training, their nutrition, their recovery, and more -- and it enables CompTrain coaches to guide and support them.

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How it Works

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    Step 1
    Get tested

    Pick your plan and have your blood tested. Different plans let you test at the lab, at home or upload your existing blood tests.

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    Step 2
    Tell us about yourself

    Fill out your detailed personal profile about your lifestyle, nutrition, habits and preferences.

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    Step 3
    Analysis and recommendations

    InsideTracker’s patented engine analyzes your data to generate science-backed recommendations specific to your body’s needs.

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    Step 4
    Spring into action

    Select your goal and customize your recommendations that are most compatible with your lifestyle.

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    Step 5
    Track your progress

    As your body improves, your blood biomarkers change, too. Retest every 3 months to see what’s working and what’s not.

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ultra-personalized nutrition platform

Analyzing data from your blood, DNA and fitness trackers to help you optimize your body and reach your goals with real time holistic insights. 

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science-backed action plan

The power and agency is in you.  It's your body, so make it stronger from the inside out.

InsideTracker’s patented system will transform your body's data into knowledge, insights, and a customized action plan of science-backed recommendations.

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Optimized performance

For all the truth-seekers, change-makers, and goal-getters, InsideTracker is guided by science, and powered by you.